Visit To Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Yes I've heard about the Trick Eye Museum, it came as a pop up exhibition in Jakarta last year. I also saw it on instagram many times, wondering how it experience but never have had the opportunity.

This week I had a chance to experience it my self in permamenent store The Trick Eye Museum in Singapore (so this is international invitation for me to do a review as blogger). I guess this would be a good moment to have holiday with Katya, after been busy with Annual Show, she deserves to be happy as kid.

This time Trick Art Singapore has brand new exhibits and themed zone, as well as never before 4D elements. 
Six new themed zones and more than half of the museum will be updated with new exhibits, that six zones are Mystery, Excitement, Supernatural, Fairytale, Fantasy and Trick World. 

Beside animations and interactives 4D exhibits, I can also see new sculptures at the museum, which will blend with new illusion paintings to form picture perfect setting. I wonder who made all the painting, and figure out that an experiences Korean artist made it.

Having experience with all the excitements, no wonder this museum has received tremendous support and achievements in past years, feature in several travel shows and drama. Now they became top 10 most visited and checked in local attractions. 

I guess who wouldnt want to have a tremendous photo collections with different angle and point of view on their social media. That what the most important thing when you travel. 

Make sure you visit their web, click here, to see the excitements.
Here are pictures of us during the trip to Trick Art Museum, I have tips for you :
1. You can visit this before entry any other entertainment in Sentosa, you should try this.
2. Go early so you dont need to que, people will take time for them to get the best photoshoot. 
3. Dont be shy, some area push you lay down on floor or even do an expression that show how scary or happy you're. People will not notice you as they also did the same thing.
4. You can do round trip, the area is not big, but comfort enough to do your free style photoshoot. 
5. Make sure you load your camera with sufficient memory. No need flash, the light already good.

Do you want to experience this amazing Museum?
read after you enjoy this lots of photos..

It was a happy feeling to see people are waiting and guide their kids to do the expression and the right pose. This entertainment really bound you with your kids or family. Even Katya could do poses that she never did before, Iw as shocked but happy.

So, Trick Art Museum Singapore and I made a cool collaboration to give you a chance to experience it. We are conducting a Repost Contest/Giveaway for this visit for you to have a chance to win a pair of flight tickets to Singapore to visit Trick Eye Museum. Yes a pair!

All you have to do is to choose and repost any of my photos taken at Trick Eye Museum Singapore on your Instagram account with the following hashtags - #FlyMe2TrickEyeSG. 
Here's the prizes : 
1 lucky winner will be selected by Trick Eye Museum to win a pair of flight tickets to Singapore to visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore (A pair of flight tickets to Trick Eye Museum + A pair of admission tickets to Trick Eye Museum). 
5 other winners will be selected to win a pair of admission ticket to Trick Eye Museum Singapore.

Confuse? Don't be, here are the steps :

Repost & Win:
1. Repost a photo from @riamiranda taken at Trick Eye Museum Singapore on your Instagram account.
2. Hashtag #FlyMe2TrickEyeSG and tag @TrickEyeMuseumSG Instagram account in the post.
3. After the post is sucessfully reshared on your Instagram, share this post to your Twitter account as well.
4. Follow @TrickEyeMuseumSG Instagram account for updates on the results. Remember to set your Instagram and Twitter account to public so we can view your post.

Don't be hesitate to do the simple things that could give you a chance to experience the only Trick Art Museum in Waterfront Sentosa Island Singapore!!!
More info or questions, please email to [email protected]