Experience Sleep in the Attic at Clover Hotel Jalan Sultan Singapore

Yeayy.. Holiday is something that I really need even only for 3 days.. meanwhile baby Kina safe and warm with her grandma grandpa with her cousins.. Yes as mother we deserve a break, but make sure your baby safe and cool with sufficient breastmilk stocks.

I promised to Katya to take her to Singapore and share to her the story of this country. Her imagination is great, even the day after i share the story she still remember it.  So I manage a time after the annual trunk show event to Singapore and decide to stay in a not mainstream area, a.k.a Orchard road. I mean how many time I flew to Singapore and stay always in Orchard. Singapore is beyond Orchard.

I let my husband find a hotel anywhere.. He loves Arab St area, where Haji Lane is his most favorite corner. And He found Clover Hotel on Jalan Sultan. Something new, we've never heard before and according to tripadvisor this hotel has good reputation. Clean is priority for me! I dont care about the stars, clean is number 1 for me.

This hotel is walk distant from Bugis MRT or Nicoll Highway, we dont get that exclusivity like in Orchard but we feel like Singaporean. That's the true meaning of traveling, learning from the other point of view in the country. The surroundings are also good, you can walk to Arab Street or Haji Lane to find local designers or artisant. Food are amazing for nasi lemak or Swedish Halal resto : Fika.

We stay at the Loft, which it has 2 floor and the bed is on the 2nd floor. What's best from this hotel again? I love the way of reflection from the sun come into the room, my husband share to me a lot about the architecture trend as if he's an architect. Hahaha..

Experience for 2 nights in Clover Hotel was excitement, I think I wanna go back again someday with Kina too. I want to make things as simple as possible, Clover Hotel really reflects the simplicity in luxury.

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Enjoy your Holiday, make sure you manage it well so you can get unforgetable holiday with your family.