Long Road to JFW 2016 Show!

This post is gonna be one of my longest post story ever..
It tooks months of preparation to make all things happen in just 10 minutes show.

I personaly proud of my self as brand ambassador Wardah Cosmetics, which official make up artist for JFW 2016. It means yes we rule it, we have more space and recognition from people. That modest fashion wear is something that you should look up to, and it's good. 

Started from Wardah Media Gathering with their campaign to the street during Car Free Day, week before the event started. It actually one of something that I see from Wardah that they always had the initiative to conduct something that's not arrange by the committee. They always seek another opportunity, in a good way.

I had 2 fashion show slots : under Indonesia Fashion Forward program and Wardah Dynamic Bliss program. I know Mbak Carol, my trusted Wardah Make Up master will be busy along the JFW event. She had to coordinate and ensure everything went well, and to ensure that all brand ambassador look good.

For opening, I had to walk with my muse : Atya Sardadi. She's a Gadis Sampul alumni with fabulous of 2 kids - gonna be three next year, who actually still have time for family and do a lot of positive things. So I had to took care of her and ensure she look good with her make up. So I contact my cousin who actually a make up artist too, Yayi Hanoum #makeupbyyayi. I can always count on her.

So this is me and Atya.

The Press Conference went well, eventhough the media was not that much expected. It started 10.30 WIB when the mall was just opened. But all of the Indonesia Fashion Forward Gen 3 and 4 gathered together for those who will be the opening shows at 24th. Together witk Mrs. Lenni Tedja, President of JFW. 

As Magnum is also my sponsor for my Trunk Show next December 10th, 2015 so I'm proud that this brand is actually really support the fashion movement in Indonesia.
The new Magnum Raspberry is different that the previous product, it taste shockingly fresh! 

Me at Wardah Cosmetics Booth, the place when I always ask for a bit touch up before any event during JFW. Hehehe as simple as that. 

The Indonesia Fashion Forward Gen 4 showcase their latest collection during JFW 2016. And I'm the only hijab fashion designer!

This is my true support system, they always be there at any of my shows. Some of new friends who actually know my other friends too. It just clicked. It doesnt matter you wear hijab or not, but it's important to choose the persons who can actually be arround your inner circle. Yes you can choose, choose the best and keep it grow and build relationship beyond friendship. We're family.

So this is my show photo, I will share to you my video taken by Premiere Photography.
The bad thing about the show was, it was conducted just at the same time as maghrib. It's true dilema and I raised my voice to the committee about timing fashion slot especially for muslim fashion. Why it happened? because previous slots was also delayed. Punctuality on shows is really something matters.

So my collections were from my new line : riamiranda SIGNATURE.
During the IFF program, mentors gave us directions and input about how we put our brand and positioning. So I relaunch my high end label from riamiranda Prime to SIGNATURE. Not only naming but also from the look and campaign photoshoot. I wanted to presents something mysterious, that people wouldn't notice that the collection was actually riamiranda. 
Thats why i put veil as headpiece, something that common people will notice as bridal collection but actually it's not. 

It tooks arround 9 months to create the collection from sketches. The IFF program started on Jan 2015, and JFW is like a graduation moment for each brand. Sadly we have to let Diaz Parsada, as the one who actually initiate and took care of the program since 4 years ago. He had the bigger opportunity in British Council, he's a good and brilliant person.

It's an honor to be part of the IFF program, i learnt a lot from the best people, CFE London, British Council and Femina Group. This is just the beginning, there will be another years to catch the opportunity. Alhamdulillah my design got the attention from Fenwick London, if everything goes smooth it will be displayed at their Pop Up Store next Feb 2016 in Fenwick London. Wish Me Luck!

I dedicated the show to my hometown, West Sumatra and personally thank you to my support system : 
Phorographer Campaign : Mr. Hendra
Creative : Zico Halim
Make Up : Caroline Septerita and Yayi Hanoum
Shoes : Pla Shoes
Beads : Swarovski
Video & Show Photographer : Premiere Pictures





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