Top Parenting Influence Asia 2015

Never expected that what i posted on instagram can get the attention of the judges and huge event like Influence Asia 2015. Never imagine that I could be the Top Parenting Influencer Asia 2015.
The thing came on my mind was I only wanted to share happiness and positive energy through my social media. Not event to show really like #ootd with high quality photos on it, I want it to be as natural as possible. My husband, my nanny helps a lot for pictures.. Hehehe..

Influence Asia was initiated by Gushcloud - Social Media & Content in Singapore, from Sept 2015. Can you imagine a first time Asia scale event really success with minor mistakes = amazing!!

So I want to share the 3 days journey for Influence Asia.
I went with my husband, as this is 3 days trip. I should be accompanied by someone from my mahrom - husband / father. 
I stayed in Pan Pacific Hotel nearby Suntect Convention Center - the venue of the event conducted. The organizing really took care of us as if we're a important person.. 

We were invited to visit their office in Mapletree Anson, which also gave me an imagination of what my office could be in future! Sooo fun at the office..
I met the other influencer from Indonesia, and I feel that they are sooo humble and fun as much as crazy people.. Yes we should be crazy for this creative industry.

Day 2 - 7 Dec 2015 was the important day, we will be on a red carpet with those teenager screaming along the way when we walk on red carpet. I bet they dont even know who I am. Oh they're screaming for Tiffany SNSD - Girls Generation from Korea!.. no wonder lah.
I wore my latest riamiranda SIGNATURE combine with riamiranda resort collection - Classifo.

Raisaaa... I finally met her in person..

Soo surprised that I actually win the Top Parenting Influencer 2015.
read this link :

I hope that this could be my turning point as parent to share positive tips about it, parenting is lifetime learning. Award is only a symbol, for me the real award is having a healthy and happy kids. Their sincere smile and laugh is the ultimate award, priceless for me.

My husband said that being a parent is as much as important in building country through a great generation in future. I agree that much with him.
Here's soe more pictures with the other hot mama from nominee of parenting category. Knowing them is much more happiness for me. I took some pictures from @mamaofsnow instagram too..

See you..