riamiranda for Fashion Valet

Alhamdulillah.. my another collaboration with Malaysia most hottest e-commerce brand Fashion Valet has done.
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So i know Fashion Valet from my partner, they said this e-commerce has the strong relationship to the grassroots designer and community. Their humble management took this company even bigger in just 5 years. Handled by couples, Faadza and Vivy, just like me and my husband - that kind of similarity connect us. 

I met Vivy on January 2015 in KL, she's a loving lady with tons of ideas. Then their team come up and ask me for a special collaboration for Raya. I said that's a good opportunity. I mean like I need to have partners to expand my brand to Malaysia, I see the people are have the same style to my brand DNA which is simple and modest. 

So here we're.. this is my second collaboration with international brand after with Fugahum from Japan. The excitement is different, this time even more real. 
There will be my showcase of #riamirandaxfv collection on 22 May 2015 at Royal Chulan Hotel KL and my very own High Tea with blogger and community or influencer at 1 June in KL too..

After discuss with my design team we decide to produce our best for this collaboration, then come up with Pusako and Haru Collection.
Why pusako and Haru?
That Pusako brings the Indonesia history in batik pattern of West Sumatra, i want to introduce the beauty of our culture to Malaysian. Whilst Haru is my favorite and best selling pattern until now. I do believe that sincerity will give the best result.
I design with all my heart, i learn the market taste especially for Raya. 
This limited collection would be your chance to get my limited products special for Fashion Valet not any other else.

Haru is my favorite story and pattern, so I would like to share this new design of Haru for Raya Collection through Fashion Valet. I found a serene moment when I was in Japan, blue sky reflects the purity of nature. It spontaneously found something inside me, a tranquility of life. That's what Haru means : tranquility.

To give you the exclusivity, i only produce 10 pcs per looks, each design only has 2 different colors. So yes this is an exclusive design for Fashion Valet.