Influence Asia Social Media Award 2015

I was a bit surprise received an email from the committee stated for a nomination for something that is unpredictable for me : parenting. I never thought that what I share on my social media, especially instagram has been calculated by the people there. 
This awarding event is new, but the scale is huge in Asia level.. another country participated are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines and Indonesia. 
The system of election is also fair enough to be part of silent door peer to peer voting system. The judges are highly reputable in their industry from digital agency, government buddy to advertising agency related. 

Here are the nominees for parenting award : 

Click here to know more about this event 

I was overwhelmed since.. parenting is not my expertise but what I do is only share what i've read from books and discuss with my friends / husband and my instinct. However it's so excited to know that other nominees are the best mother I know and also follower of her account. 

just wish me luck, I will be in Singapore from 6-8 Dec 2015 (that's near my annual show on 10 Dec 2015).. I'm not really expect to win the award, I guess whoever win this we already a good mother for our own baby. parenting is not a competition, it's about share the love and experience in handling our baby as good as we can be. 

This is to all mother out there, we're not alone we can learn our best each other. Build your support system and enjoy our parenting moment. 
Time will not return.. it's about we do it right or we will regret forever.