KL International Hijab Fair 2015

I never thought that what i did so far have been an inspirational to other people.
I questioned many times to the committee the reason of choosing me to receive the award as Ikon Muslimah Fashion at KLIHF 2015 along with the other delegates from Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Australia, Thailand 

The agenda was so tight, talkshows, exhibitions, interview on TV and local media.
Surprisingly they make such a different way of awarding which is every ikon has to answer a question based on their expertise. Like for me they asked me how to bring muslim fashion into international level. I was thinking it was like a beauty pageant.. and that's not kind of my personality.. however I appreciate that they said all the people there want to hear our opinion that might inspired them.

New thing about KLIHF is they closed the fashion show only for women, strictly no man. They got protest from photographer for sure, but they thought that they have to start this exclusivity for women only. one day people will appreciate it.

It's a good think, if you have something that you believe in and you know it's good and positive. Be hold to what you believe in. Someday people will recognize and know or maybe follow you. Thats what you become a trendsetter. Same things with fashion, you have to be different and keep on what your style. 

I also learnt that Malaysia is so humble.. the event is international scale. The exhibitors are international brands, include Indonesia sent their respective fashion designers. However the venue, the stage was not represent the International scale.. so understated and modest. That would be different from Indonesia.. I learn something new.



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